Winter prepping your bike with BBB Cycling

Winter prepping your bike with BBB Cycling

Winter prepping your bike

Maintaining your bike in tip-top condition could be a challenging task but not if you got the right tools for the job. The knowledge of our product developers allows us to create World Tour proven tools so that you are able to work on your bike with the best equipment.

Before you begin to work on your bike, you’ve got to ask yourself the following question: am I ready to get dirty? Otherwise, your local bike shop is maybe the best option for you. But if you enjoy fixing and cleaning your bike, you are more than qualified to get started. There are only a few things in life that give a more satisfying feeling than mending your bike unless something goes terribly wrong than it can be quite frustrating.

Decent equipment gives you an edge right from the start. Therefore saving on equipment is something that isn’t recommended by a lot of people. Picture this: you are making good progress and the last thing you have to do is tighten some bolts and then it happens, you hear a loud noise and your bolts are a goner. Another very good reason to invest in some proper equipment is that it would probably last a lifetime unless you’re a pro off course.

Hex keys are the perfect start

A good set of hex keys are the absolute minimum that you are going to need these days if you want to fix something on your bike. You can choose to buy your equipment when the fixing process is about to start or plan ahead. BBB Cycling can be recognized as an expert when it comes down to parts, tools, and accessories. To make life a bit easier for the bike enthusiast, BBB has collected the most important tools you would need and put them into one handy box.

The BBB Allroundkit costs € 189,95. At first glance, you might think that this is a lot of money but if you would buy every part separately it would cost you € 40,- euro’s more. The kit includes a handy suitcase to keep all your belongings together. Another advantage is the user-friendliness that comes with it, especially when you take it with you on your long deserved holiday.

The Allroundkit contains the following:

  • Extra strong Toolbox with the 16 most common tools for your bike maintenance.
  • Foam inserts keep the tools in place.
  • Extra space to add additional tools to meet your specific needs.

    Tools included:

  • TurnTable, BTL-11 - Freewheel turner. Also fits 10-speed cassettes.
  • LockOut, BTL-12S - Lockring remover.
  • Hexagon 8 mm, BTL-13 - Hex key.
  • Hexagon 10 mm, BTL-13 - Hex key.
  • Turner II, BTL-15 - Spoke wrench.
  • ToothBrush, BTL-17 - Cassette cleaner.
  • ThreeStar, BTL-28 - Hex key set (4,5,6 mm).
  • TorxStar, BTL-28T - Torx key set (T25, T30, T40).
  • BoldGrip, BTL-32L - Chainring nut wrench.
  • BottomFix, BTL-33L - Lock-ring remover / bottom bracket tool.
  • ChainChecker, BTL-51 - Chain wear checker.
  • ProfiCut, BTL-54 - Cable cutter.
  • ProfiConnect, BTL-55 - Chain rivet tool.
  • LinkFix, BTL-77 - Chain link tool.
  • 2 x ProfiLift, BTL-79 - Tire lever.