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With our bicycle lights you stay visible for others and they stay visible for you. That's why they keep you safe during every ride. First of all you can see more of your environment. But, other users of the road can also see you. We offer different kinds of lights, depending on where you ride your bike. Headlights and rear lights that keep you visible when the dusk falls in and darkness takes control over your ride.

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You tend to head off to work early, even before sunrise? Or you are used to make your way back home during the night? When darkness reigns, you want to shine a light on the road ahead of you. And be seen yourself as well. We dislike missing turns or running into potholes. Which is why we offer two types of lighting solutions. Lights with which you can be seen or you can see yourself.

To See

When you need to travel over unlit bike paths when riding to work early in the morning. Or when you go for a ride on a dark evening. You need to have good visibility on the road ahead of you. Nobody wants to be surprised by undiscovered gaps and holes. So, you need a bicycle light that illuminates the whole road and keeps you safe.

To be Seen

Do you always cycle through the city? On roads which are illuminated perfectly. In that case you need bicycle lights which make you visible for other traffic during your ride. We talk about little lights that can easily be attached to a bicycle or your cycling clothes. These lights will give a maximum bulb of 150 lumen and are price-friendly.

Specs Lights

All our lights are build to last. This means not only their lifetime is long but also their burn time and intensity stay as good as when first used.


All our lights can operated in different modes. This gives you the freedom to choose for extra long usage and battery lifetime or strong power and great visibility. Most of our lights have at least a low, standard or city mode for you to be seen in traffic and a high or boost mode for situations in which you need a lot more light. Our newest lights are equipped with a day flash mode. This gives extra visibility during the day and makes sure you come home safe.


Most of the BBB bike lights have rechargeable batteries. You don't need to replace the battery of these lights but just connect them with a USB charger and wait till the light is recharged again. Some other lights can't be recharged and work on removeable batteries that you can replace when running out of power. All of the batteries are lithium ion batteries from LG or Polymer, compact energy dense batteries.

Polished lenses

Our lights have polished lenses. These lenses aren't molded in the protection cap but specifically made for our light and gives a better light image and beam on the road.


When cycling in the dark a light is key to use. Of course it's impractible to hold such a light in your hand while cycling. Therefore BBB got a line of different brackets and mounts to place on your bike so you can easily click your light on your bike and get it off when the ride is over.


The TightFix is a tool to place your light upon your handlebar. Made from hard plastic. This makes sure that the light shines to every place you steer too. Easy to mount because of it's toolless installation and compatible with heavy lights.


The StrapFix is a mount made out of silicon and is compatible with all BBB headlights. The StrapFix is easy to place because it is toolless to mount on your (aero) handlebar.


The CenterMount is a bracket used on your handlebar to make sure your light is right in the center of the handlebar. Specifically made for 35 mm handlebars, up-down adjustability and centre alignment.


The GoMount is a bracket used to install lights on a camera mount or directly on the stem of your bike. It can also be mounted underneath your bike computer.


The HelmetMount is a bracket which is placed on top of your helmet so you got a light source that moves in the same direction as where you look at.

Light types

At BBB we have different types of lights. These lights are specifically made to be the perfect light for your ride.


Never surprised by the dark anymore with the Strike. This headlight secures you with a perfect view in every circumstance. The different modes make this light a perfect fit for city traffic and extremely dark, unlit bike paths. This multifunctional light has a 180° rotatable body which allows upside and downside mounting. This makes it easy to operate in all situations. So, perfect to commute all year long. And also available in a compact NanoStrike version.


Are you going for extreme visibility and a lot of light in all directions? In this case the Signal is your light. This light provides you with a bright white or red COB LED light. Even on very dark cityspots these lights will provide you with enough light. And with the silicon strap you mount the lights easily on a handlebar or seatpost. As well horizontally as vertically. A big benefit because this makes them fit on every bike.


With the Spy you will never again be surprised by the darkness of the city. Just keep these multifunctional lights in your pocket or backpack and you are always prepared. The compact lights are extremely suitable for use in the city. They are quickly installed on your bike with the rubber o-ring and the SpyCombo (front and backlight) is available in two types.


The Stud gives you a nice bundle on the road without blinding upcoming traffic. This light is provided with three modes which make it suitable for use in- and outside the city. With only one push on the button you can switch between a big and a small bundle and flash mode. Charging can be done everywhere and easily by using the USB cable.


Your ideal city light is the Spot. A easy to mount light which you can attach to your bike, clothes or even backpack. Available as headlight or rearlight, or a combination of both. And even in a version which can be used as both.


Our headlights are made to be seen or to see. Whatever you need your headlight to do BBB got the right one for you.

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Rear lights

All BBB rearlights make sure you are visible to everyone around you on the road.

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Light sets

Not only looking for a head- or rearlight? The BBB lightsets are your best option to get both and make sure you are safe and ready to go on your dark rides.

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